3 Top Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom 3 Top Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom
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3 Top Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom

Posted by James Brockbank on

Here are three top tips for transforming your bathroom, whatever your budget and style.

  1. Work With A Specialist Designer or Design Team

The most efficient, affective and exciting way to truly transform any bathroom is to call upon the expertise, insight and experience of a specialist designer or design team, such as Aston Designs. In fact, this is a tip that, if you can afford to do it you really cannot afford not to. Take a look at the Aston Designs bathroom gallery and it is instantly obvious that the bathrooms they create are neither ‘off the shelf’ nor standard in any way.

Therefore, to complete a show home, realise a dream bathroom or to simply work with a professional to devise, design and see your ideas for your ultimate and ideal bathroom come into being, there is no alternative; quite simply the only way take your fantasy bathroom and make it a reality is via a dedicated designer or design team.

  1. Invest in Designer Tiles

Designer tiles are the most effective, creative and visually wowing means of turning a boring, tired or lacklustre bathroom into an awe-inspiring one. Further new tiles are the best means of transforming the entire atmosphere and ambience of a bathroom whilst only in fact changing one aspect of the room itself.

Available in just about every imaginable colour, featuring patterns that range from delicate and whimsical to classic and sophisticated to outright artsy and outlandish, tiles can make or break a bathroom. 

The good news, however, is that tiles don't have to be expensive and break the bank. Take our range of cheap tiles as an example and you'll quickly see that you can have luxury for less!

  1. Splash Out on Gadgets

No home really is gadget free these days. Most in fact are brimful with ipods, tablets, notebooks, laptops, flat screen TVs, coffee makers, bread makers, ice cream makers, hair straighteners and all manner of electronic gadgets meaning making food and drink, watching, TV, listening music and entering virtual realities via video games is not only possible but part of the everyday in 2016.

One room within the house though that is often still gadget free (at least for the most part) is the family bathroom. Whilst for many this is exactly what they want from a bathroom, not because we all know electronics and water do not mix, but because the bathroom is one of the only places to escape day to day life and enjoy the simple joy of taking a soak or hot shower after a long day, or ahead of facing one.

For those not big on the simple joys provided by a hot shower or humble bubble bath though, bathroom routines needn’t be boring or more chore like than calming; discover the waterproof bathroom friendly flat screen televisions, built in bathroom radios and Bluetooth bathroom sound systems and speakers available for purchase via the Aqua Sound website and bath time need never be boring again.

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