5 Top Tips For The Perfect En-Suite Bathroom 5 Top Tips For The Perfect En-Suite Bathroom
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5 Top Tips For The Perfect En-Suite Bathroom

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Designing and as well realising the perfect en-suite involves some strategic thinking as the size of an en-suite is likely to be a fraction of that enjoyed by the average family bathroom in a UK home. Further, because en-suites are often squeezed into nooks, crannies and alcoves this means that there is no ‘standard’ en-suite out there from which to take inspiration or turn to when designing your own.

Then, here are 5 top tips which if followed are likely to furnish your home with the perfect en-suite bathroom – whatever its size and whatever your personal taste.

  1. Consider the Size of the En-Suite

When purchasing bathroom tiles specifically for use within an en-suite it is important to take into account the reality that most en-suites are smaller than family bathrooms. In cases in which this is true, it should to some degree tailor your search; at the very least and in small or compact en-suites (most often those which feature a shower but no bathtub) picking tiles takes far more thought.

This is because brightly coloured, heavily patterned or dark hued tiles can very easily make a space look smaller and even oppressive. Then, in en-suites, unless yours is especially spacious, it is often best to stick to a neutral theme or opt for white tiles.

  1. Consider the Size of the Tiles

Tiling an en-suite specifically should also affect the tiles you look to buy in terms of the size of the tiles themselves as well as the size of the bathroom.

Many people and interior designers argue that it is important to use small tiles in a small en-suite, using the logic that large tiles can overwhelm a small space and again give it the illusion of looking smaller than it actually is – or at the very least draw unwanted attention to the fact that it is a compact space.

On the other hand though, opting for mosaic tiles and extremely small tiles involves creating a look that features a lot of grout lines which altogether and covering entire walls and / or floor spaces can visually form a pattern. As explained in our first tip, patterns are not a great idea to introduce to any small space. Even without incorporating vivid or bright colours, patterns can all too easily dominate a space and prevent it from being a relaxing retreat rather than create one.

Then, to play it safe, contain your search to tiles that are 40x20 centimetres, or there abouts. This means, when searching according to small, medium and large tile categories, sticking to the medium category.

  1. Add Personality, Style and Character with Fixtures and Furnishings

In a large bathroom or kitchen tiles provide a really fantastic means of adding character, colour, patterning and style. As aforementioned, the opposite is true in an en-suite.

Then, to prevent creating an en-suite that is sterile feeling and cold, express your style with necessary bathroom wares such as toothbrush holders, toilet brush stands and toilet roll holders. Meanwhile, add colour with towels. The beauty of taking this approach is that should you bore of the colour scheme or style you create it will be easy and inexpensive to change it. 

  1. Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Another way to make an en-suite more inviting and create the illusion of more space is to keep clutter to a minimum. Ideally, and where possible, assign a separate cupboard or even just a shelf within a bedroom cupboard (depending on the amount of toiletries you have and use) in which to keep any items that are not essential to keep within an en-suite. For example, toothbrushes very definitely belong in the bathroom. Meanwhile, an entire collection of different shampoos, shower gels and make up can often if not in every case be easily hidden away elsewhere, but close to hand.

Initially, and if you are not in the habit of keeping your toiletries particularly organised or out of sight this can prove an annoying routine to establish. Once you get used to having rearranged where you keep your toiletries though, getting them and putting them back as well will become second nature and automatic. As such you will have succeeded in creating a clutter free en-suite and keeping it that way will take no time and effort at all.

  1. Create the Illusion of More Space with Mirrors

Many en-suite bathrooms only make use of a single and small over sink mirror. This is often because being by definition attached to a bedroom a full length mirror is usually close by. Further, many people find a full length or large mirror placed within a bathroom uncomfortable. For those who are not intimidated by the idea though it is definitely a good one; mirroring the space provided by an en-suite will instantly double it, at least visually.

Meanwhile, for those who like the idea of using mirrors to create the illusion of space and openness but are not quite so open to the idea of seeing themselves using their en-suite, a horizontal mirror strategically placed at head height can achieve the same aim. In en-suites of a sufficient size, a horizontal or larger over the sink mirror can also enable a couple to simultaneously use the mirror when time is of the essence.

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