A Quick Guide To Calculating The Number Of Tiles You’ll Need For Your Project A Quick Guide To Calculating The Number Of Tiles You’ll Need For Your Project
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A Quick Guide To Calculating The Number Of Tiles You’ll Need For Your Project

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Once you’ve found the perfect tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, the next step is to figure out exactly how many you’re going to need for the area that you’re tiling. 

Whether it’s for the wall or the floor, measuring the area to be tiled is fairly straightforward, but here’s a quick guide to help you out.

What You’ll Need

  • Tape Measure
  • Notepad & Pencil
  • Calculator
  • Possibly an Extra Pair of Hands

Calculating the Size of the Area

Wall Tiles

First things first, you need to measure the height and the width of the wall which you’re going to be tiling. 

Next, you need to multiply the two figures you’ve got together, to give you the area of the wall in square metres. 

Example: 2.5m x 2m = 5m²

Simply carry this out for each of the walls which you’ll be tiling and add them together for your total meterage. 

Remember, if there’s a window or anything else which obviously won’t be tiled, you’ll need to work out the area for this too, and remove this from your total.

Floor Tiles

For the floor, you’ll simply want to measure the length and the width of the room, and multiply together like with the walls. 

Example: 1.5m x 2.5m = 3.75m² 

Of course rooms aren’t always this straightforward and are rarely a perfect rectangle shape.

To get around this, you’ll need to break the room down into smaller, rectangular units which can easily be measured in square metres, and then add these together for your final total.

As you can see in the example above, we’ve split a section of the room off so that we can account for the corner in the top right, which we can then add to the rest of the room, to give a total floor space of 7.76m² which needs to be tiled.

It’s all fairly straightforward, but to make things easier you can use a simple tiling calculator such as this one, which will also calculate exactly how many tiles you’ll need if you have the dimensions available to hand.  

Finally, we always recommend ordering around 10% more tiles than you’ve actually calculated that you’ll need, just in case any wind up getting damaged, or you have any other unexpected problems. 

These can also be stored away in case you need them for repairs in the future, because even if you go back and buy some more of the same tiles a few months or years down the road, they won’t be from the same batch, so might not match up correctly. 

Now that you know how many tiles you’re going to be needing, feel free to browse our full range of tiles here at London Tile Shop, including kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.

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