Best Tile Types for Winter Best Tile Types for Winter
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Best Tile Types for Winter

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To some, winter is pleasurable, while some view it as a very stressful season. Homeowners agree to this because it is the time of the year when a lot of preventive maintenance needs are done in order to ensure that the home is protected accordingly.

If your house is situated in a place where winters can be tough, making sure that you use the right types of tiles is very important. Colder temperatures may have the tendency to affect your tiles, breaking them if they are not designed for the cold winter months.

While there are different types of tiles that you can use for your home, one type stands out from the rest of the best tile types for winter – ceramic tiles.

Durability at its Best

True, wooden floors are very attractive. They offer that warm and beautiful look that will certainly add value to your home’s aesthetic appeal. However, these types of floors can also be prone to a wide range of potential damages, such as when they are exposed to dirt and water. The floors may buckle and swell, even scratching and dulling quite easily.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are resistant to damages. This is because they are designed to endure foot traffic, sustaining their form without easily staining or scratching. Also, if you live in areas with higher elevation, you may also notice that salt is used in treating roads in order to keep them free from ice and snow. These chemicals may also prove damaging to floors, but using ceramic tiles solves this problem.

Easier to Clean

By installing ceramic tiles, there is no need for you to prepare some special cleaners, or even maintenance just to keep your floors always looking great. All you have to do is to make sure that you mop and sweep them in order to keep them free from debris or dirt. These types of floors can easily be cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner.

In contrast, hardwood floors, as well as other tiles, may require a unique type of cleaning equipment. This also applies to using pressed laminate flooring. However, with ceramic tiles, you can easily mop and sweep your floor, without unnecessarily worrying about other issue that may happen unexpectedly.

Radiant Heating and Overall Beauty

One common complaint regarding tile floors, in general, is that they can become cold. This is particularly true with tiles, as a whole. While you can have the option to use rugs in order to give that warm and soft place for you to walk on, you can also take advantage of radiant heating options, one that is accepted well by ceramic tiles.

Radiant heating can be placed right beneath the floors, heating the entire flooring. You will feel that you are comfortably walking while wearing some cozy and warm socks, without really having anything on your feet, just a ceramic tile as one of the best tile types for winter. This radiant heating may be turned on only when needed, but it is expected to provide the best comfort when turned on during those cold, chilly months.

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